Best Casino Hotels in Malta 2024

We love online casinos as much as the next person, but casino Hotels in Malta are truly unmatched. Sometimes, you want more than just to log in, play a few hands, and forget all about it. A weeklong (or longer) trip at one of this island’s resorts will redefine the meaning of the word ‘gambling.’ But in order to get the best experience possible, some preparations are in order.

And that’s why we’re here for. Our team of both locals and industry experts analyzed the current situation. We asked patrons, employees, and our correspondents about their views. As a result, you’ll get a full rundown of the best casino hotels in Malta. There will also be tips, FAQs, and more. If you’re excited about that upcoming trip, continue reading!

📌 What is a Casino Hotel?

There are casinos, and there are hotels. But what are casino hotels? The term itself is pretty telling: it’s a land-based casino with a hotel beside it. These ventures usually start off as just a casino. If it becomes successful and has a decent turnover, the owners have their sights set on building a hotel. However, that’s a significant investment. Does it really pay off? Let’s see for ourselves, shall we?

  1. It’s convenient for guests. Let’s say you want to visit Malta and both gamble and stay at a nice hotel. Why make two reservations when you can make only one? You won’t even have to travel to other parts of the island if you don’t want to.
  2. Guests spend more. While this part benefits casino owners more, it also ties into the convenience factor. Since people are going to eat, drink and gamble anyway, casino hotels help all that expenditure end up in the same place.
  3. It’s the most logical way to grow a business empire. As we said above, gambling just goes with drinking, having fun and generally being on vacation. If a casino is doing good, why not give people a way to expand their experience?

So if you want to stay at a nice place and play some blackjack, casino hotels are by far the most convenient to do it. All your activities will be a minute away from each other. But is this the best way to visit Malta with the lads or the missus?

📌 Are Casinos in Malta a Scam?

‘Convenience has a price’ is something you often hear in the service industry. Casino hotels in Malta are no exception, but they’re not like your average resort, hotel, or other facilities. Of course, the owner’s goal is to make money. Unlike traditional establishments, they do so in an implicit way.

Let’s take casino perks as an example. Oftentimes, casino hotels let guests earn points by spending money. Although you are technically gaining something, the house wins. After all, you spent more than you initially thought despite getting a few free nights or a discount.

This doesn’t mean the best casino hotels in Malta are a scam. You just have to analyze any prize draw, comp points program, or other promotion. The best way to shield yourself is always to stick to your budget. If you refuse to be forced to spend more than you want, you’ll get all the fun without more serious risks.

📌 Top Casino Hotels in Malta in 2024

Once the season begins, you’ll have access to plenty of land-based casinos. However, we’ve only looked for the top spots. After visiting, listening to other people’s accounts, and analyzing the games, we’ve determined that these are the best casino hotels in Malta. If quality is at the top of your priority list, here’s where you can stay and play:

Intercontinental (Casino Malta)

Located within the majestic Intercontinental in St. Julian’s is the largest casino in Malta: Casino Malta. 3000 square feet of gaming space is at your disposal, along with 285 video slots, blackjack, roulette, and Punto Banco, amongst other games. You can also enjoy Casino Malta’s very own poker variant. Payments are convenient with the TiTo card, and all guests have access to high-speed WiFi. The venue is open 24/7 and offers plenty of bespoke event packages and promotions.

Dolmen Hotel (Oracle Casino)

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, the Oracle Casino just might be a perfect fit. Nested in the Bugibba resort of New Dolmen, the venue uses its space well. Despite its lack of Vegas-like lighting and pizzaz, it houses 100+ slots, a variety of table games, and a state-of-the-art card room. Unlike most other casino hotels in Malta, this one is located in St. Paul’s Bay, which is on the northern coast. However, it’s our favourite when it comes to bars and restaurants, as the whole resort has a total of six. It’s also great for families and bigger groups.

Westin Dragonara Resort (Dragonara Casino)

With almost 200 slots and dozens of table games, Dragonara Casino is a favourite amongst casuals and high-rollers alike. This is mainly because of low bet limits, friendly employees, and unique promotions. But the Westin Dragonara Hotel is the crown jewel of this resort. Its rooms have a majestic ocean view, along with bike rental services, a gym, bar, pool, and other amenities. It’s the definition of a smooth, all-inclusive experience.

Hilton Malta Hotel (St. Julian’s, next to Portomaso)

Part of the legendary Hilton hotel chain, the Portomaso Marina venue is not necessarily a casino per se. However, we consider it such because it’s so close to the Portomaso Casino. It has a lovely view of the Mediterranean Sea and some of the island’s best rooms. They feel like small apartments and work wonders for relaxation. As for the Portomaso itself, the floor features 150 slots, auto-play roulette terminals, and many variants of poker. And it’s right next door to the Hilton!

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📌 What to Look for in Casino Hotels in Malta?

Is there a new casino hotel about to be opened in Malta? Before we review it, you can check them on your own. Even though we have our own ways of judging casino hotels, we want our readers to gain lasting knowledge. So before you visit, make sure you think about what you want to see and experience.

This also works for existing casino hotels. When planning your trip, take your list of candidates and do research about the following things:

Level of Crowdedness

One might think all the best casino hotels are the same, but this isn’t the case. Some want to attract everyone, while others are more intimate. This directly connects to the purpose of your trip. If it’s a fun week with your mates, look for more crowded venues. If it’s something more low-key, consider something with a VIP card room.

However, you shouldn’t expect complete privacy at casino hotels in Malta. The best case scenario is bookie a private table, but these often cost extra. Check to see if you can convert your comp points to this particular perk.


No matter how much fun you want to have, staying in control is important. That’s why you’ll going to have to look for value in some cases. For instance, if a hotel has a spa and a hair salon, and you don’t need them, you can look for another option. Since these added features cost extra, you can save by looking for a venue without them.

Look at all the details before you book a stay. Nowadays, casino hotels in Malta have all this information available online. Even if you like the prices, contact support and ask about any specifics. Concierges are happy to help you plan the whole trip. And if you’re nice, they might even give you something extra.

Included Perks and Facilities

Casino hotels are much more than places where you can stay and gamble. Today, they include bars, pubs, shopping districts, leisure centres, and much more. Owners want to provide the best possible experience, and it’s up to you to use that to your advantage.

We’d recommend this for short trips in particular since you won’t have to travel around St. Julians or to other parts of the island. Everything is within walking distance. Just plan what you want to see and do, and you’ll find a casino hotel that matches your preferences. 


Malta is a beautiful island; that goes without saying. It’s also near the Cote d’Azur and other gems of the Mediterranean. Location matters if you plan on taking trips to these places or even other parts of Malta. Our team thinks it’s best to find a location that suits your every intention.

If you want to go shopping, you shouldn’t have to drive for 2 hours or get stuck in a traffic jam. Talk to concierges about this, as well. They know Malta like the back of their hand and have experience in helping guests of their casino hotel.

Available Games

You’re here to play games, right? That’s why this should be your main focus. All the convenience in the world is pointless if you can’t have fun. Ask concierges or other players about what slots and table games are currently playable.

Many casino hotels in Malta have a mix of traditional and modern games. But most of the time, you’ll just deposit money to a card that you’ll use on the floor. If there’s a tournament and you’re thinking about joining, be careful. Don’t fall victim to sharks looking to prey on beginners.

Good Reputation

Word of mouth is still the best way for casino hotels to advertise. No matter what people see or read, they’ll always trust someone close to them. And we fully support this notion. That’s why you should ensure that the resort you’re going to is verifiably good.

 Don’t be afraid to ask people for detailed accounts of what they played and how the rooms were. After all, they’ll gladly help someone to have the best holiday imaginable. Just ask several sources and don’t rely on hearsay.

📌 Pros & Cons of Casino Hotels in Malta


  • Many additional perks (spa, gym, restaurants, etc.)
  • Comp points programs
  • Everything’s in one place
  • Access to special events


  • No free seats during rush hour
  • A night at the hotel is often expensive

📌 Casino Hotels in Malta vs. Online Casinos: What’s Better?

Many people say even the best casino hotels in Malta are too big of a hassle. They prefer online casinos and how ‘efficient’ they are. So let’s end the debate once and for all and see how these two forms of gambling compare:

📌 Feature/ Casino TypeCasino HotelsOnline Casinos
📌 Can play immediatelySometimesYes
📌 Cash bonusesNoYes
📌 Immersive atmosphereYesSometimes
📌 Spas, bars, restaurants, and other perksYesNo
📌 Requires an initial investmentYesNo


📌 What kind of perks can I get at casino hotels in Malta?

Through comp points programs, the best casino hotels in Malta offer all kinds of gifts and rewards. For instance, you’ll get a free weekend at the hotel or free use of the spa if you accumulate X points. Or you might even get a chance to be drawn for a prize, such as an expensive holiday. Check your favourite casino hotel’s website for more details.

📌 Do Maltese casinos have bars and restaurants?

Yes. All of them have a venue that’s dedicated to eating and drinking. Sometimes, it’s part of the hotel, while others have standalone spots. If you want to try new dishes or drinks, find a casino hotel with multiple venues or one that’s near the centre of St. Julian’s.

📌 What’s the minimum gambling age in Malta?

Foreign nationals must be 18 or older to gamble in Malta. Maltese citizens, however, must be 25 or older. This measure exists to ‘protect’ the domestic population from the negative effects of gambling. In addition, it promotes tourism and attracts high-rollers.

📌 What’s the best casino hotel in Malta?

The answer to this question depends on your preferences. Some people prefer the Hilton in St. Julian’s since it’s right by the legendary Portomaso Casino. Others, though, think the Westin Dragonara Resort might be the best one. You also have the Intercontinental, Dolem Hotel, as well as the Mayflower. Ask around, read a couple of reviews, and make your pick.

📌 Do all Maltese casinos have table games?

Yes. Table games like blackjack, poker, or baccarat are staples of Maltese land-based gambling. All the best casino hotels have at least 4-5 tables per game, while some even run a private card room. There are also tournaments featuring both beginners and pros, and anyone can join sometimes.

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